Tap book industry expertise

We’ve built a lot of book sites, and we’ve learned a lot of lessons from them

  • Best practices in online book marketing
  • ONIX know-how
  • Strategies for reader engagement
  • We have accumulated experience from a lot of publisher sites which is realized in dozens of functionalities that are perfectly tuned for impact and ease of management

TCO / How easy it is to run the site

You have to include the time you spend managing the site in the cost of the site: We are going to minimize this.

  • You wouldn’t want to, but you can set the site up to ‘just run’ and it will keep going day after day, year after year, keeping everything up to date
  • You manage the site, you don’t need developers to do stuff for you; we’re here to help, but we want you to be able to change whatever you need to
  • The site is very automated, but we know where you are going to need to override an automated behaviour, and you will be able to
  • We know where the pain points are, and pain is cost

Manage bibliographic data

  • Advanced systems to import and process ONIX data
  • Load and reload your entire catalogue in minutes
  • Automated data updates on a daily refresh cycle
  • Manages custom categories driven from the ONIX data
  • Initial import and setup of rich data like Tables of Contents, Excerpts, and eBooks
  • Manages all your cover images
  • Trivial to add new ISBNs to the list presented on the site, and once added the data is updated continuously
  • Related editions, hard-cover, paperback, etc. is all managed automatically
  • Book relationships to Authors is automatically managed and you never have to touch this


If they can’t find it, they can’t buy it

  • Create manual selections to highlights books by theme or any other criteria
  • Create automated selections using advance search filters to present new releases, forthcoming books, award winners, works in translation, or to highlights books by format, series, age or grade level, etc. (to be expanded)
  • Organize catalogue by BISAC or custom categories
  • Automated “Also by this author” selections
  • Automated “You May Also Like” selections
  • Custom and curated lists
  • Fully integrated search based on a powerful built-in search engine: Think “Google is lurking inside”
  • Customized search results page and options for sorting search results
  • Extended descriptive and sample content, including excerpts and tables of contents

User experience

  • Responsive design
  • Customized interface
  • Flexible arrangement of components let you adapt the site as you determine that some things are more or less useful to your audience

Content management

  • Fine-grain control over site content
  • Easily revise display order for content within page templates
  • Update navigation menus
  • Publish one or more blogs
  • Manage user permissions and accounts

Sell books